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Motorization & Automation Controls

Modern retractable awnings combine beauty with functionality. You control light and shade automatically. Cool any retractable deck, patio, window, terrace or balcony system at the convenient touch of a button with your hand held remote control or wall mounted switch.  

Motorized or Automatic Awnings...

  • Protect you from harmful UV rays
  • Keep your rooms cooler in summer, warmer in winter
  • Enhance the value of your home
  • Allow for convenient push button operation
  • Eliminate fading of furniture and add years of life to your furnishings, carpets and drapes

SOMFY's Individual-Group Control (IGC) offers you push button control of individual and/or groups of motorized awnings from a central location. A single window or an entire household of awnings can move up or down with one push of a button.

SOMFY controls and automation, with sun and wind sensors, allows your motorized systems to automatically react to changing weather conditions.  The Eolis RTS Wind Sensor automatically retracts your motorized awning when it senses high winds.  The Sunis Wirefree RTS Sensor reacts to different sun levels, extending your awning automatically to cool both outdoor and indoor spaces.

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