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Retractable Solar Screens

London Awnings is the leading provider of retractable screen systems and offers a wide variety of screen systems to fit any budget.  Retractable solar screens add function, style and efficiency to your home by improving comfort to your outdoor space while maintaining your view.  These screen systems can be custom fitted for windows, porches, balconies, verandas, garage doors, and much more.  So versatile, it fits most standard and oversized applications.  So practical, it provides full ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from pests and enhanced privacy, all at the convenient touch of a button or the simple turn of a crank. 

The installation of retractable solar screens can be incorporated at the early stages of building, or they can be planned in areas where structures are already set in place.  They can be integrated into every type of architectural style, including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone and concrete.  Depending on the type of system and installation, retractable solar screens can be recessed from view into walls, columns, and ceiling cavities to create a fully hidden screen solution.

Executive Screens (by Phantom) 
and Zip Shade Screens:

Executive Screens by Phantom and Zip Shade Screens are screen systems that utilize specialized side tracks, which hold the screen firmly in place.  When in operation, the screen is guided by a weighted slidebar that runs between these parallel tracks, one on each side of the opening.  This design allows the screens to withstand high winds with no worries of the screen blowing out of the tracks.  Available in a wide variety of frame colours, these screen systems remain out of sight until you need them, restoring your complete view to the outdoors and preserving the look and design of your home.  There is a wide variety of mesh options available for determining the amount of heat, light and air that enters the space.  A more open mesh allows the breeze and heat to enter the living space, while a tighter mesh blocks more sunlight and keeps the space cooler.

Shade Screens:

The Shade Screen is a cable guided retractable screen, ideal for locations where tracks cannot be affixed to the home or structure.  The guide cables, shackles and eye bolts are all made of high grade stainless steel to ensure long life and durability. This system is extremely adaptable, operation is available in manual or electric control.  The Shade Screen offers many different mesh screen options to control your comfort level of heat/shade while maintaining your view, or choosing from hundreds of acrylic fabric colours for protection and total privacy.  The Shade Screen is used solely for shade and privacy purposes, providing the home owner with an economical way to enjoy the outdoors, protected from UV rays. 

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